​Kav Mashve

Entity: Kav Mashve
Project Type: Core
Duration of Support: 1 year (2011)


Inequality and socioeconomic gaps in Israel make it more difficult for Arab citizens to fulfill their career aspirations, despite having no less professional and social capabilities. Kav Mashve is a nonprofit organization aiming to promote the employment of Arab academics, in jobs suited for their training and education and to reduce gaps and increase social equality.

Kav Mashve was founded in order to combat the continuing inequality in employment of Arab academics who are citizens of the State of Israel. The organization aims at creating an open and equal environment for the employment of Arab graduates, and to increase the number of Arabs employed in private and public companies.

The high unemployment rates in the Arab population in Israel are no less than an existential threat to Israeli society. Unemployment brings about frustration, alienation and despair and creates a massive economic loss, as 20% of the population is unable to realize its full potential and skills. Equal, suitable employment will benefit all – Israel's economy and society, businesses and Arab graduates, who would be employed in positions in their field of training, interest and expertise.

Kav Mashve's founders, team and partners are concerned with the social situation in Israel and are actively involved in reducing gaps and promoting social equality. The organization works as a platform for employers, to build confidence and encourage the employment of Arab workers, by providing professional consultancy, multicultural workshops, etc. In addition, Kav Mashve provides Arab candidates with professional training, consultancy services, preparation for interviews and exams to ease the selection process and encourage their professional placement. 

Kav Mashve