Program Areas

The Olivestone Trust's activities are focused around four thematic areas of programming:

1. Education & Culture

Education and culture are powerful mediums for affecting hearts and minds, and can inspire new approaches to replace old patterns of mistrust and prejudice. The Trust encourages the creation of unity within diversity by facilitating educational and cultural activities that promote the basic human values which underlie and transcend the cultures and religions of the world. Embodied in the universal declaration of human rights, these values (i.e., democracy, equality, human rights, responsibility, pluralism, etc.) represent the underpinnings of peace and harmony towards which we strive.

2. Conflict Resolution

The Trust believes that engaging diverse populations in mutually beneficial joint activities can foster long-term understanding, tolerance and peace. A key focus of our programs therefore lies in cross-cultural activities that bridge differences, build on commonalities and nurture collaborative processes. These activities focus not only on the reconciliation of those mired in current conflicts, but bring together potential adversaries in productive efforts that lay the basis for joint solutions for change and the possible prevention of future conflict.

3. Economic & Social Development

Poverty reduction and the improvement of human welfare among underserved populations are necessary conditions for creating a peaceful, harmonious world. The Trust places emphasis on programs that build the capacity of local populations to advance economic and social development as key drivers for sustainable social progress. We also encourage and support micro-finance initiatives and loans that are empowering beneficiaries to overcome poverty and build new lives of hope, prosperity and peace.

4. Science & Research

The pursuit of peace and harmony must be accompanied by a constant quest for further knowledge and understanding of today's social challenges. Towards this end, the Trust supports scientific exploration and academic research that contributes to the development of theories, models and practices of human development and conflict resolution. We believe that the understanding that emerges from such research will be invaluable components of developing effective models of positive social change.