"Kadima Leta'asuka" (Ahead to Work)

Entity: Tel Aviv University in cooperation with the Price Brodie Initiative in Jaffa
Project Type: Core
Duration of Support: 2 years (2006-2007)

Kadima Leta'asuka aims to increase knowledge and enhance professional development among civil service employees in Jaffa in areas such as nursing, public health, occupational therapy, and police work.

Key program objectives include:

  • Improving the scholastic achievements of students in the Jewish and Arab communities
  • Enriching students' world of knowledge
  • Advancing the professional abilities of employees of Jaffa's public systems
  • Advancing and encouraging cooperation between Jaffa's Jewish and Arab residents
  • Developing community leadership among the residents of Jaffa
  • Nurturing and broadening the circles of those active among the residents of Jaffa
  • Enhancing affinity between the University and the community