Poetry Unites Program

Entity: Evens Foundation - Poland
Project Type: Non Core
Duration of Support: Ongoing


The Poetry Unites Program is a nonprofit, educational initiative which aims to popularize poetry among different ages and backgrounds. Launched in Poland in 2006, the program reached hundreds of thousands of viewers with the help of the National TV, and has been extended to other countries in Europe and the United States.

Poetry-lover's profiles are presented in attractive 5-minute films produced by the Evens Foundation and donated to the Polish Public TV as well to libraries, schools and universities in the country. The program also initiated a series of poetry events, including poetry readings, poetry competitions at schools and libraries as well as anthologies of poetry-lovers with their favorite poems, also sponsored by the Evens Foundation.

The contest became a popular annual event in Poland, and has therefore been extended to other European countries, including Bulgaria and Germany and to the United States.

Poetry Unites contest 2010 : Beniamin Bukowski
Poetry Unites contest 2011: Wiktor Urbanski
Poetry Unites 2012: Karen Schmitt - Der Panther