Universal Prize of Education

Entity: Universal Education Foundation (UEF)
Project Type: Non Core
Duration of Support: Ongoing (2005 - )

The Universal Education Foundation is an advocacy foundation that works in co-creative partnerships towards "Education by all for the Well-Being of Children".

The education of children occurs both within the school environment and in every aspect of a child's life. Education is thus the responsibility of all and needs to be undertaken with greater awareness by the larger community.

UEF believes that children who experience a greater sense of holistic well-being (physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual) and understand its components are:

  • more able to learn and assimilate information in effective ways;
  • more likely to engage in healthy and fulfilling social behaviors;
  • more likely to invest in their own and others' well being and in the sustainability of the planet, as they take up their social, professional and leadership roles in adulthood.

Website: http://www.uef-eba.org/