Belieforama - Diversity and Anti-discrimination program

Entity: CEJI
Project Type: Non-Core
Duration of Support: 2 years (2012-2013)

Belieforama program is an interfaith educational program based on a 'train the trainer' model. Given the current concerns and challenges to social cohesion brought by the increasing diversity of religion and belief, the program offers an educational intervention and prevention of a growing social conflict. Educators from a variety of communities collaborate through the program, which provides a rich opportunity for a multidimensional view of the impact of religious diversity on social fabric.

Belieforama offers a Community of Practice (CoP) that supports individuals and organizations (schools, universities, public authorities, community workers, religious leaders, etc.), seeking to make a long term impact on religious diversity and belief related-issues, through educational processes and materials that inspire personal, organizational and social commitment, action and reflection.

The CoP is a group of practitioners who work around a topic of religion and belief diversity over an extended period of time. It is a forum where ideas are generated towards the common pursuit of solutions through training/gathering sessions, which can be conducted online or in person. Together they operate on the basis of shard experience, joint commitment to inclusive environments, spontaneous interaction and mutual development.

CEJI's Religious Diversity and Anti-Discrimination Training Program provides the CoP with mechanisms for communication, exchange and innovation. This certification process identifies individuals who are exceptionally competent and committed to social impact, and would become active members in the project.